Art Rights Prize

Discover the firtst Digital Prize for 3.0 Artists


Art Rights Prize is the first International Virtual Art Prize for all artists, of any age and nationality, who want to participate with artworks that fall into the following artistic categories: Painting, Photography, Video Art, Digital Art and Street Art.

The Prize is organized by the AB Factory Cultural Association with the participation and support of prestigious partners, together to support emerging and established artists, finding new ways to recognize and reward 3.0 Art.

Prizes and special mentions are guaranteed for over 30% of the finalists, assigned by the jury, sponsors and partners of the initiative together with a special “Audience Prize” during the 3D Virtual Final Exhibition.

A unique event, with the opportunity to join the Art Rights Prize Community by participating in exclusive talks, meetings and training webinars with the greatest Art Professionals.

Become part of the world of Art 3.0 with the Art Rights Prize, send your application now!

For more info see the Terms & Conditions and the Program

For the first time, the Exhibition of the Finalists of an Art Award provides the incredible experience of Virtual in 3D thanks to the collaboration with the LIEU.CITY platform

The exhibition was designed and built by industry experts with the support of Exhibit Designer Andrea Isola to enhance the setting up of the finalist works and make the visit for the public unique in its kind, to go beyond physicality.

The 3D Virtual Exhibition will be accessible via smartphone, tablet, smart TV and computer with the possibility of discovering the works of the Finalists among the rooms of the 5 Artistic Categories that can be browsed independently and with extreme simplicity, selecting your favorite works and discovering all the details on the Artists and their works.

The Jury of 15 experts from the System and the International Art Market will select 100 finalist artists and 300 works to be exhibited and sold in an exclusive 3D Virtual Exhibition on the “LIEU.CITY” platform.

Over 100,000 euros in cash and services, in recognition of personal merit and as an encouragement in the interest of the community, to support artists of any age and nationality.

For more info see the Prizes & Jury page


AB Factory is a cultural association open to discussion, encounter, support of art, culture, artists, creativity and experimentation, in search of an art accessible to all.

The Cultural Association AB Factory has for its purposes the cultural, artistic, creative growth, qualification, professional, social and artistic improvement of its members in the fields of art, culture, entertainment, history, literature, tourism , animation, communication and cultural heritage in general; the creation, practice and enhancement of initiatives and services for culture, arts, entertainment, as well as the dissemination and promotion of activities throughout the country.

The Association promotes and organizes, without any profit-making purpose, artistic, cultural, musical, theatrical, recreational, cinematographic, animation, psychological well-being, and participates in them with its own members, if promoted and organized by other Associations, Public Bodies and Private; promotes and organizes conferences, debates, stages, conferences, competitions and prizes.

"The continuous research of art, exhibited in the unprecedented virtual walls of the Art Rights Prize.
The first universal online window, towards a Digital Humanities, an opportunity for artists not to be missed"

Title Sponsor

Art Rights is the first “passport of the work of art”, with a unique system of validation of information and documents by several professionals in favor of authenticity, Provenance and Due Diligence and greater confidence in the market.

The Vision of an Art 3.0 is concrete with Art Rights, the first digital platform with legal value for managing, certifying and protecting works of art in favor of Artists, Collectors and Art Professionals.

"We are experiencing a real digital gold rush, a new era for the world of art, looking for tools and online opportunities to deal with lost physicality.
Art Rights Prize is the most concrete response to this need, confirming our commitment to support Art and Artists towards an increasingly 3.0 Art"

Technical Partner

LIEU.CITY is a “not-for-nerds” platform that automatically generates Virtual Art Fairs.

It is possible to browse between 3D environments and exhibition stands directly from smartphone, computer or smart TV, as well as with Oculus viewers or devices for Virtual Reality. LIEU.CITY is also a social network: each user has his own profile, he can decide which information to make public, he can follow other users, including organizers and comment or like the works.

"I remember an advertisement from the 1980s where a TV brand said:" we are science, not science fiction ".
Andrea Concas' vision of achieving the first prize in Digital Art is certainly possible thanks to science but when you are the first to experience that science fiction is transformed into reality, sometimes literally taking it by the shoulders.
It was an abnormal work of engineers, architects, computer scientists and curators, but the result was worth it.
Thanks to everyone, not for the effort, but for the "I believe" that we would have made it.
As Armstrong said: "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" "
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