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Art Rights Prize
Terms & Conditions

Discover the Terms & Conditions of Art Rights Prize, the first Digital Prize for 3.0 Artists

Art Rights Prize is promoted and organized by the non-profit Cultural Association AB Factory (“AB Factory” or “The Organizer”, with the aim of sharing, support of art, culture, artists, creativity and experimentation, in search of an art accessible to all.

The purpose of the digital art award is to identify and promote living artists who intend to compete with the new virtual realities to be selected by a jury of experts and participate with their works (falling into the 5 categories: Painting – Photography – Digital Art – Videoart – Street Art) at the 3D Virtual Final Exhibition on the LIEU.CITY platform.

Art Rights Prize allows for the first time all artists to apply, sending their works in digital format only, and offers the 100 selected to exhibit 3 works in an exclusive 3D Virtual Final Exhibition on the LIEU.CITY platform with the possibility of selling them wherever desired.

The digital art prize, intended only for living artists, provides for recognition of personal merit and as an encouragement in the interest of the community, in cash and services for 30% of the finalists of the individual artistic categories, offered by Partners and Sponsors of Art Rights Prize.

The international digital art prize is open to all living artists, who have reached the age of majority, of any nationality, self-taught, with a diploma or attending the Academy of Art, provided that the works submitted for candidacy fall within one or more than the 5 artistic categories covered by the award:

PAINTING | Works made on canvas without limitations in size, technique used or theme addressed

PHOTOGRAPHY | Unique photographic works or part of a series in color or black and white

DIGITAL ART | Works created with the use of computers and software, reproducible on digital media

VIDEOART | Artistic works based on the creation and reproduction of moving images using digital or analog video equipment

STREET ART | Works, graffiti and installations made in urban areas with any technique.

Please note that the works to be selected by the Jury may be published or unpublished, available for sale or not, whose authorship and authorship is certain of the proposing Artist.

The selection of the WORKS during the application and of the Finalists selected by the jury, will take place in an exclusive DIGITAL FORMAT without ANY SENDING of the physical works.

The Artist declares to be the author of the works nominated for the award and in the event of plagiarism, counterfeiting or any violation by third parties questioned against Art Rights Prize or AB Factory, the Artist declares to fully indemnify the AB Factory cultural association from any dispute or eventual expenses.

All the submitted works remain the property of the Artists or of the entitled persons.

The finalist artists will see their works exhibited on the occasion of the Virtual Final Exhibition in 3D according to the new virtual modalities, on the LIEU.CITY platform, using the digital files (images, audio and video) provided by the artists with the commitment to keep the characteristics of the works within the limits of the chosen exhibition solutions. In this regard, the Artist declares as of now to renounce to make any objection to Art Rights Prize or AB Factory with regard to any digital modifications or alterations of his works due to the use of the chosen digital display solutions or the software used for the loading according to the unquestionable judgment of the Organizer.

Those who have completed 18 years of age at the expiry of the following announcement can participate in the Award.

Works that present racist, offensive, derogatory and pornographic, blasphemous or hate speech, disrespectful of common morals and incite violence of any kind or that serve as ideological and political proclamations will not be accepted.

Art Rights Prize reserves the right to exclude such works at its sole discretion.

The finalist works and artists will be selected by a jury made up of 15 experts from the international art system and market.

Each of the five artistic categories will have a dedicated Jury commission, made up of 3 members including a Chief Juror, whose vote / preference, in the event of an ex-aequo, will be decisive.

Each Jury Commission will proceed to vote for its artistic category thus determining the 20 finalists and 3 winners (1st – 2nd – 3rd) of the prize of each category, for a total of 100 finalists and 15 winners.

The Jury for the votes will take into consideration the completeness of the material requested in the application phase, as well as the evaluation of the quality of the works and their presentation, with attention to the current methods and channels of communication adopted to present their art.

The number of points obtained, the judgments and / or evaluations of the jury attributed to the participating artists, finalists and / or winners will not be made public, nor will they be communicated.

A special independent jury made up of the sponsors and partners of the award will award further “Recognitions and Awards” to the finalists.

At the unquestionable and final judgment of the Jury, only the artists and works deemed qualitatively valid to support participation will be selected.

For all the Finalists during the Virtual Final Exhibition in 3D, it will be possible to receive the approval of the online public on their works.

The finalist work that will receive the most “Likes” from web visitors will receive special recognition as the “Audience Prize”.

The names of the jurors will be announced starting from 15 October 2020.

The artists’ applications are open from 01 October to 30 November 2020 and can only take place upon registration and online APPLICATION on the website and payment of the registration fee as reimbursement of organizational expenses.

At the same time as the payment of the registration fee, the artist will receive all the indications for participation in the prize via email, with access to a Link / Form / Reserved Area for the compilation of his “Artist Card” in which he must enter, by way of example and not limited to, the following info:

  • Name and Surname, E-mail address, Telephone number and a high resolution color portrait photo
  • Short biography (max 800 lines);
  • Short Portfolio in Pdf format (max 6/8 pg);
  • Website and social channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok);
  • Choice of the Artistic Categories to which the application is sent;
  • Technical Sheets Applying artworks Including high resolution photos / videos;
  • Acceptance of the prize’s terms and conditions.

After registration, the artist has time till November 30, 2020, to complete his “Artist Card”, with the aim of selecting his best works to be submitted to the judgment of the Jury.

The submission by the participating Artist of partial information or delay in filling in the Artist Form and / or any requests for integration by the Jury or the Organization, will result in the exclusion from the prize of the same.

Any artist wishing to apply for the Art Rights Prize can choose which artistic categories to participate in to submit to the Jury.

The registration fee as reimbursement for organizational expenses is:

  • 1 artistic category 3 participating works | 60 euro (sixty / 00)

Enrollment in the international digital art prize guarantees the Artist access to services and benefits listed among these:

  • 1 year full subscription on Art Rights 
  • 20% discount on all video courses and webinars until 31/01/2021.
  • Entry into the Community Art Rights Prize
  • For the finalists, the possibility of putting their works on sale
  • The finalists are guaranteed the Certificate of Participation in the Art Rights Prize

The Artist is allowed to purchase and partecipate in several artistic categories among those provided for in these Terms & Conditions.

Registration fees may be subject to discounts reserved for partners or temporary promotional initiatives with expiry dates and sales limits.

The AB Factory Cultural Association does not pursue profit and is VAT exempt. as it is not a company referred to in art. 4 of Presidential Decree 633 of 26 October 1972 nor as an exercise of the arts and professions referred to in art. 5 of the D.P.R. n. 633 of 26 October 1972 and subsequent amendments.

Artists are requested to keep a copy of the payment.

Once the Artist has registered and paid the membership fee, he will have 15 days to complete his application and send the works sheets, no later than the closing date for registration (30 November 2020), in case the information is incomplete or if the procedure is not completed, the Artist will lose the right to participate in the prize and nothing will be due to the Organizer.

The registration fee is non-refundable, unless the award is canceled.

The 100 finalist artists selected by the Jury will participate in the 3D Virtual Exhibition on the LIEU.CITY platform accessible to the public free of charge from 16 December 2020 to 31 January 2021 as per the Program.

Each finalist artist will be notified of participation in the Virtual Exhibition, within which only 3 works selected by the Jury and nominated by the artist himself for each Category will be exhibited.

No work nominated and evaluated by the Jury can be replaced by the artist for the virtual exhibition.

The Exhibition of the Finalists of Art Rights Prize will take place through Virtual Reality in 3D, where the exhibition spaces are designed and architecturally built by experts in the sector with the intervention of an Exhibit Designer able to enhance the installation of the artists’ works and make the visit for the public absolutely unique of its kind, to go beyond physicality.

The 3D Virtual Exhibition will be accessible via smartphone, tablet, computer and smart TV with the possibility of discovering the works of the Finalists among the Rooms of the 5 Artistic Categories, which can be navigated independently and with extreme simplicity.

Access to the kermesse offers the opportunity for Artists and Visitors to be part of the Community Art Rights Prize, participating in exclusive talks, meetings, training webinars with the greatest Art Professionals scheduled for the opening days of the Exhibition Virtual and accessible upon registration and in the previous weeks.

The finalists during the exhibition in the Virtual Final Exhibition will have the opportunity to sell their works to the public; when applying, the artist must specify whether the works are available, for sale or not and any public price (including VAT).

By accepting the sale of the works, the Artist undertakes to make the work available for the entire duration of the event and in the event of a sale through the Prize Site, nothing will be due to the organization, except for the reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses. for any costs and management of the practice.

To improve the visitor experience and for exhibition needs, homogenization, transposition on digital and virtual support, the images of the digital works received by the artists will be contextualized in a virtual environment, with the possibility of adding frames, passepartout, backgrounds, settings and resizing according to needs and exhibition spaces.

Art Rights Prize provides for the recognition of personal merit and by way of encouragement in the interest of the community for at least 30 Finalist Artists selected by the Jury, for a total value of over € 100,000 in the form of a scholarship and reimbursement of expenses in money and services.

It should be noted that the cash prizes will have, where it is due, a withholding tax of 25%.

Awards and special mentions are guaranteed for more than 30% of the finalist artists by the jury and the partners of the initiative together with a special prize from the public on the occasion of the 3D Virtual Final Exhibition on the LIEU.CITY platform.

The guaranteed premiums are divided as follows:

  • 1st Prize for each Category: Painting, Photography, Digital Art, Street Art € 8,000 (€ 3,000 cash grant + Limited Edition residence and production by The AB Factory for a value of € 5,000)
  • 1st Prize Category Video Art € 8,000 (€ 3,000 cash scholarship + Custom Digital Strategy offered by Art Backers Agency for a value of € 5,000)
  • 2nd place in all categories: Artist Starter Kit which includes a set of contract forms and a complete set of video courses for a value of 4,000 euros
  • 3 ° Prize of all Categories: Website creation offered by Art Backers Agency for a value of 3,000 euros
  • “Audience Award”: € 5,000 cash grant awarded to the work of the finalist artist who will receive the most “Likes” among all artistic categories

The awards of the sponsors and partners of the initiative will be added for:

  • Partners’ prizes: 1 year of access to video courses for a value of 15,000 euros

  • Partners’ Prize: Art residency offered by The AB Factory, a creative space open to support culture, art, artists and creativity in Cagliari

  • Partners Award: Support for the production of a Limited Edition offered by Art Backers

  • Partners Award: Creation of a Website offered by Art Backers Agency, the first Cultural Marketing and Communication agency entirely dedicated to the world of art 3.0

  • Sponsors’ Award: Study and design of a customized Digital Strategy offered by Art Backers Agency

  • Partner Award: Possibility to collaborate with MTArt Agency for some events / initiatives

  • Partner Award: A 1-hour webinar with a focus on the English art market with Marine Tanguy of MTArt Agency

  • Partner Awards: A training day for artists by Open Care – Servizi per l’Arte

  • Partner Awards: Presentation event of the works of the Winning Artists of the five artistic categories offered by Open Care – Services for Art

  • Partner Awards: Art Residency and Online Exhibition offered by The Museum of Contemporary Digital Art

  • Partner Awards: 1 week exhibition at MoCDA, The Museum of Contemporary Digital Art
    Partner Awards: Isorropia Homegallery offers one of the finalist artists 1 Exhibition for the 2021-2022 season

  • Partner Award: Hub / Art will make its exhibition space available for an exhibition of one or more artists. On this occasion, a catalog dedicated to the exhibition and the opening event supported by Hub / Art will be created.

It should be noted that the Winning Artists of the cash prizes provided by Art Rights Prize will receive payment within 30 (thirty) days from the awarding of the prize, communicated by email by the Organization, with credit by transfer to the Winner’s bank or postal account. opened in a banking, postal or financial institution located in your country of legal residence.

In accordance with current legislation, the cash prize cannot be paid out in cash or through money transfer services such as Western Union or MoneyGram.

In order to support the highest number of artists, the awards and prizes cannot in any case be cumulative.

1st October 2020 Applications Openings

15 October Jury members announcement

30 November Deadline for applications

12 December Finalists announcement

16 December Opening to the public of the 3D Virtual Final Exhibition

18 December Announcement of the 3 winners in the “Painting” category

21 December Announcement of the 3 winners in the “Photography” category

28 December Announcement of the 3 winners in the “Digital Art” category

04 January Announcement of the 3 winners in the “Video Art” category

11 January Announcement of the 3 winners in the “Street Art” category

15 January Announcement of Sponsor Awards winners

29 January Proclamation of the winner of the Public Award

31 January Closing of the 3D Virtual Final Exhibition on the LIEU.CITY platform.

At its sole discretion, the AB Factory Cultural Association reserves the right to extend or cancel “Art Rights Prize” if circumstances require it, in particular if the applications received do not allow to obtain a selection of finalist artists who meet the quality criteria. of the Jury.

The Organizer cannot be held responsible for any extensions or cancellations and nothing will be due to the participants as a refund, except for the return of the application fee actually paid.

Each participating artist declares to own the rights of the images of their candidate works, but grants Art Rights Prize and the Partners of the initiative, without any consideration, free, irrevocable, worldwide exclusive license for the entire duration of the award of the rights of author of the work, including but not limited to the rights of reproduction, copying, exhibition, publication, translation, processing, distribution and communication to the public, in any way and without exception, for their works and for the texts participating in the selection.

After the end of the prize, the Organizer may reproduce the work for information and promotional purposes only of the prize held without any objection from the artist.

Each artist who submits his application for the Art Rights Prize explicitly and irrevocably authorizes the cultural association AB Factory, Art Backers srl, Lieu City and all partner companies to publish, copy, reproduce, disseminate and communicate to the public the candidate works, for promotional, information and printing purposes and for the final exhibition.

In particular, and merely by way of example, each artist authorizes and grants: the right to publish the works and its photographic and digital reproductions on any media or means of communication (Article 12 of the copyright law, l. 22 April 1941 no. 633, also “LdA”); the right to exhibit the works in public for promotional or sales purposes; the right to communicate the works and the exhibition to the public (Article 16 of the LdA); the right of distribution, concerning the marketing and circulation and promotion of the works and the prize (art.17 LdA), the right of lending and processing for publication purposes (art.18 LdA).

Art Rights Prize and the AB Factory Cultural Association in full compliance with the moral copyright, will exercise these rights for all institutional communication activities of the award and is entitled to use the name and image of the Artist, as well as any other paper or electronic material connected to the Artist or provided by the latter during the application, for example: curriculum, participation in exhibitions, awards, acknowledgments, photographs of the artist’s works, links to the Artist’s pages on social networks, which may be published by Art Rights Prize and the AB Factory Cultural Association on any means or support related to the promotion of the prize, as well as granted to third parties who may publish the works for promotional or information purposes The artist renounces from now on any objection relating to the publication of their works by Art Rights Prize and the AB Factory Cultural Association, as well as third parties desime authorized for information, printing and promotional purposes.

Each artist participating in the award expressly authorizes Art Rights Prize and the AB Factory Cultural Association, as well as their direct delegates and partners of the award, to process personal data transmitted in accordance with the privacy law and the European Regulation (GDPR 2016/679) .

The Cultural Association AB Factory will not be considered responsible in the event of non-fulfillment of the respective obligations in the event of the production of any force majeure event, that is to say of any unforeseeable, unchangeable event and the result of circumstances beyond the control of the organizer.

Please note that the number of Finalist Artists may vary depending on the total number of applications received for individual artistic categories.

All participating artists have the right to renounce participation in the prize by giving written notice to, no form of compensation and reimbursement will be due to the artist.

In the event of a Finalist’s renouncement, access to the Virtual Final Show or the assignment of any prize will be reassigned according to the rankings drawn up by the juries.

The Organization reserves the right to make changes to the regulation if the need arises.

Membership and participation in the Art Rights Prize implies the unconditional acceptance of all the points of this regulation.

For any dispute that may arise in relation to this agreement and / or otherwise connected to the latter, the Court of Cagliari will have exclusive jurisdiction.

For info requests:

Associazione Culturale senza scopo di lucro AB FACTORY

Location: Via Leonardo Alagon 29 09129, CAGLIARI CA – ITALIA

C.f.: 92236760929

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tel.: +39.070.657665


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