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Winners Announcement | Partner Prize | Hub / Art | Art Rights Prize 2020 #LIVE

The appointments with the Partner Awards of the Art Rights Prize 2020 continue!

In addition to the prizes awarded by the Jury of Experts, Art Rights Prize, thanks to its prestigious Partners, offers further services and awards to support the finalist artists

Greta Zuccali, Director and Curator of Hub / Art, in dialogue with Andrea Concas, Founder of Art Rights, will announce the winner of the prize offered by Hub / Art, as partner of the Art Rights Prize

HUB / ART in support of Art and Artists of the Art Rights Prize, provides:
Exhibition for a selection of finalist artists with curatorship and the creation of a catalog, together with the opening event supported by Hub / Art

Friday 22 January at 6.00 pm on the website, on YouTube, Linkedin and Facebook of Art Rights …

Discover the winners of partner awards!

Art Rights Prize supports art and artists with comparison and growth.

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